Deontay Wilder Parts Ways With Trainer After Throwing In The Towel

Deontay Wilder Parts Ways With Trainer After Throwing In The Towel


Deontay Wilder was one of the best heavyweight fighters in the world heading into Saturday’s matchup against Tyson Fury. Having never lost a fight, Wilder had this sense that he was truly invincible. Of course, this was surely not the case as Fury made quick work of him in their title fight. The match lasted seven rounds and ended when Wilder’s team threw in the towel. The decision was made by trainer Mark Breland who could tell his fighter was in a bad spot. In fact, Wilder was bleeding from his ear and had no more equilibrium.

According to Boxing Kingdom on Twitter, it appears as though Wilder still disagrees with the decision to end the fight. In fact, early reports are indicating that Wilder is terminating his relationship with Breland.

Boxing fans seem to be in disagreement with the move, especially considering how badly Wilder was fighting. Near the end, Wilder couldn’t even get a punch off and it was clear that Fury was going to keep hurting him if things didn’t end any sooner.

Moving forward, Wilder will have a lot of work to do if he ever wants to get his belts back. Fury is on pace to fight Anthony Joshua and we’re sure it will take a couple of years before Wilder will be considered for massive title fights. Unless, of course, Fury wants to give him a third match.