Demi Lovato Opens Up About ‘Ups and Downs’ of Her Mental Health Journey

Demi Lovato Opens Up About ‘Ups and Downs’ of Her Mental Health Journey


Demi Lovato hasn't shied away from talking about her mental health journey recently, and in her latest message posted on her Instagram story this week, she delved into the "ups and downs" of it all.

Lovato recently stopped by Ashley Graham's Pretty Big Deal podcast to speak candidly about her eating disorders, recovery process and self-care best practices, and she felt the need to continue that opening-up process on IG.

"Woke up feeling not super confident even tho my PBD episode just came out. Let this be a reminder to anyone struggling out there — this life is a journey with tons of ups and downs but you can't give up," the "Confident" singer wrote to her more than 77 million Instagram followers. "I deal with sh– on the daily but I know I'm gonna be okay with God on my side. Also you guys, my friends and family are pretty helpful too." 

On Tuesday, Lovato posted a Polaroid image of her and Graham when the podcast episode premiered. "I had such an amazing time filming!! Thank you Ashley for allowing me to really open up about my faith, boundaries, my body acceptance journey, and what my future holds. We had such an honest and real conversation," she captioned the image.


Their "honest and real conversation" spoke to Lovato's life from an early age being stuck under the limelight and its damaging effects on her well-being. "It was always 'Go to the next thing. Go to the next appointment. Shoot the next scene,' whatever it was. It was just always power through it," the "Anyone" singer said about taking time for herself after a close friend had died. "No wonder I ended up where I did a year ago because that was my mentality. You can't power through life."

She's not just open about honoring her boundaries, but also honoring her day-to-day struggles in hopes that she connects with others and their own battles. Read Lovato's message about mental health below.