DeMarcus Cousins’ Lakers Role Explained By Frank Vogel

DeMarcus Cousins’ Lakers Role Explained By Frank Vogel


DeMarcus Cousins had a ton of promise heading into this NBA season. The Los Angeles Lakers picked him up on a bargain in free agency although unfortunately, he tore his ACL and obliterated his chances of getting on the court this season. Recently, Cousins was released by the Lakers and the team immediately replaced him by signing Markieff Morris. It remains to be seen what Cousins’ future in the NBA entails, although the Lakers seem to be content with keeping him around.

Yesterday, it was reported that Cousins may sign with the Lakers next season and now, it appears as though he will be sticking around the Lakers facilities. While speaking to Lakers reporter Mike Trudell, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel admitted that Cousins will be rehabbing with the team and is “part of the family.”

With this in mind, Cousins should remain cautiously optimistic about his future. It’s clear that he’s a great player but injuries have kept him from shining. If he were to play for the Lakers next season, there would be no doubts when it comes to their bility as a championship team, especially if Anthony Davis resigns. 

Stay tuned for updates regarding Cousins as we will be sure to bring them to you.