DeMarcus Cousins Explains Why LeBron James Should Be President

DeMarcus Cousins Explains Why LeBron James Should Be President


DeMarcus Cousins hasn’t played a single game for the Los Angeles Lakers this season although he has been front and center for much of this success. As a result, Cousins has gotten to know LeBron James first hand and can confidently speak to the superstar’s character. In a recent appearance on the All The Smoke podcast with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, Cousins talked at length about LeBron and his thoughts on the NBA legend.

As he explains, Cousins never expected LeBron to be so down to earth especially since he only knew him as more of a corporate guy. However, playing with LeBron has allowed Cousins to understand just how real LeBron is and that he’s a guy who gets things done. Cousins strongly believes LeBron is one of the most well-liked guys in the NBA and that he should even run for president someday.

Cousins thinks if there is anyone in the NBA who could be president, it would have to be LeBron. Barnes and Jackson immediately agreed with Cousins and noted that if he were to run, they would immediately vote for him. Oddly enough, LeBron is 35 now which means he would technically be allowed to run in 2020 but clearly, that’s not in the cards.

These latest comments bode well for LeBron who has been criticized at times for being difficult to play with. Based on Cousins’ account, there is no teammate better than James.