Deelishis Wants To Know If Her Nostril Cold Sore Is Herpes

Deelishis Wants To Know If Her Nostril Cold Sore Is Herpes


Hundreds of millions of people worldwide use social media as their personal diary, but sometimes they overshare with the public. That’s what former reality star Deelishis is being accused of after she made a video for Instagram discussing what she said is her cold sore. Deelishis went into detail about her painful blister and being told that she had herpes.

“So, I got a cold sore, I know, gross,” she said. “Not in my mouth, not on my mouth but [under] my nose, like gross.” The model said that she’s been having outbreaks “for at least a decade now” and received her first cold sore when she was in her early 30s. Initially, she had no idea what they were when the “itchy” rash appeared on her lip. 

It was only until her grandmother told her that her cold sore was herpes did she understand the bump on her mouth. Grandma told her to just put some ointment on her lip and it would be fine. Deelishis explained that she recently talked to her fiancé Raymond Santana about her nostril cold sore and he was fine with because they could “still kiss.” She told him that because she has herpes, he would get it as well. Apparently, Raymond replied, “You got herpes, I ain’t got herpes.” 

The discussion unfolded to a debate over whether or not a cold sore is a form of herpes, because some people Deelishis knows informed her that it wasn’t. So, the former Flavor of Love star asked her three million followers for their opinions. Of course, many people used the opportunity to throw a few verbal jabs at the TMI message, but those who decided to answer were divided on the topic. Watch her video below.

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