Dame Dash Calls His Kids "Stupid" & "Clowns" In Therapy Session Fight

Dame Dash Calls His Kids "Stupid" & "Clowns" In Therapy Session Fight


The animosity between Dame Dash and his children continues to grow. The former Roc-a-Fella Records mogul has been a featured cast member of Growin Up Hip Hop for a few seasons now, but this is the first time that the tables have turned on the famous father. We’ve watched as Dame’s son, Dame Dash II also known as Boogie, has been at odds with his father over his addictions. It was believed that the alcohol and substance abuse was the cause of the division between father and son, but now that Boogie is sober, it’s clear that their problems run much deeper.

In the current season of Growing Up Hip Hop, Dame’s daughter Ava has openly vocalized that she believes her father is neglectful and angry. She’s said that Dame cuts her off if she refuses to try to talk to her mother, Rachel Roy, about selling her business to Dame. Ava also wrote a letter to the family court judge revealing what she said is the truth about her father’s uncaring parenting style.

In a clip from the series, Dame, Boogie, and Ava come together for a family therapy session. It didn’t take long for things to go left and Dame stormed out after yelling at his children. Ava told Dame that he’s the reason they don’t talk, and the father replied, “You’re straight spoiled. I’m very disappointed in you. You’re a child, I took care of you and you never gave me nothing in your life. You’re disrespectful.” He then turned to the therapist and said, “Ask her why she went to court, why she got involved? How do you justify that?”

Boogie interjects, but Dame wasn’t having any of it. He called his son “crazy” and a “little girl.” As Boogie is standing and shouting at his dad, Dame gets up and makes his way to the door. “Don’t yell at me, bro,” Dame yells at Boogie. “The disrespect’s gotta stop, stupid. Sit down or I’m leaving! Stupid. Family, no matter what, never goes against family. You’re a clown, you’re both clowns.” Watch the clip below.