Creamer Shares Groovy New Music Video For 'Drugs No More': Exclusive Premiere

Creamer Shares Groovy New Music Video For 'Drugs No More': Exclusive Premiere


“Drugs No More” is the newest single off of Creamer's upcoming album, due to drop in September, and you can get a first look at the groovy and visually stimulating music video today (June 28), exclusively on Streets Talkin.

The track is a sweet blend of pop/rock and progressive sounds with slight '60s influences. With touching lyrics like, “Drugs no more/I don't believe in drugs no more/Cause you get me high as the sun/I'll never come down from this,” paired with a catchy and retro beat, it's easy to become hooked. 

For a decade, singer-songwriter Philip Creamer worked his way up into becoming a central figure in the growing Dallas-Fort Worth, TX music scene. The band he had formed with his younger brother and friends 10 years prior, Dovetail, had run its course, and he realized it was time to take the next step. The remaining members of Dovetail would go on to form the band The Texas Gentlemen, while Creamer decided to move his young family to Nashville, Tenn., where he would start working on his first solo project.

The musician was set on making a record that would be authentic, honest, and would be able to showcase his strikingly powerful vocals to a new audience. Soon after arriving in Nashville, Creamer connected with Wilco, The Autumn Defense's multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone and former The Black Crowes and Sheryl Crowe guitarist Audley Freed to get to work.

“'Drugs No More' came to me while trying to process multiple close friends going through long and destructive battles with substance abuse. It was my way to let the feelings go, but the song took on new layers in writing. Beyond substance, the really tricky drugs I found to be were power, pride, and isolation,” Creamer tells Streets Talkin. ”It's a groovy power-rock anthem of true love and intimate human connection. There’s no high that can replicate the deep sense of self found while connecting and communing as people. It’s like that idea that we can speak truth into existence. If you believe it, you can sing it, and maybe then, it’s easier to live.”

Watch the video for “Drugs No More,” directed by Rachel Lichtman, below.