Courtney Love Shares Touching Kurt Cobain Tribute

Courtney Love Shares Touching Kurt Cobain Tribute


This past Monday (Feb. 24), Courtney Love shared an amazing tribute to her husband, Kurt Cobain, on what would have been their 28th anniversary. The notorious grunge scene songstress has lived one of the most polarizing lives in all of pop culture contributing to the punk/grunge scenes in the United States and Europe. In the early 2000s, Courtney Love struggled with addiction a la her husband, Kurt Cobain whose heroin addiction and depression eventually led to his untimely demise in April 1994, when he imposed a self-inflicted shotgun wound to his head. Now, nearly 30 years later, Courtney Love is still troubled by the loss of the love of her life.  Courtney Love Shares Touching Kurt Cobain Tribute

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The now 55-year-old musician took to her Instagram account to share a throwback snap from their wedding in 1992 in Honolulu Hawaii. In the photo, both beautiful souls stand there holding bouquets of flowers behind a backdrop scene of the Pacific Ocean and a cloudy sky, Love captions the picture:

“28 years ago, we got married, in Honolulu, on Waikiki beach tonight spoke to sponsor, I .. Lit some candles chanted, diamoku, Walked my dog. Went to sushi with my best friend, the closest I have to another one.”

Love continues writing:

“28 years ago, I recall feeling, deeply, delighted, dizzy, so in love, and knowing how lucky I was. This man was an angel. I thank him for looking out for me, many parts of the last 28 years have been torturous chaotic and uphill, and in public? That is the darkest shit imaginable, it almost tapped my resilience, almost. but between Kurt’s strange amazing divinity, and the honor of a few true friends, the gift of desperation and sobriety. Of a Higher power and of love, and of empathy, I’m here now. It’ll be ok, f*ck, I see him on the shore. Rocking in the free world. My husband.”

Kurt Cobain, the birther of one of the greatest grunge bands of all-time in Nirvana has influenced a subculture of free-thinking individuals that eventually bled its way into hip-hop. While he may longer be with us, he’s definitely apart of the culture regardless of his thoughts on the hip-hop scene

Check out Courtney Love’s 28th wedding anniversary Instagram tribute post in the photo provided below.