Colin Cowherd Makes Bizarre Pornhub Analogy During Astros Rant

Colin Cowherd Makes Bizarre Pornhub Analogy During Astros Rant


Colin Cowherd is one of the most notorious sports analysts on TV right now and for good reason. He is constantly delivering a heavy stream of hot takes on his FS1 show The Herd and he has been known to get people upset, especially Baker Mayfield. Cowherd is particularly good at delivering longwinded analogies, especially when it comes to having ex-wives. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that Cowherd busted out yet another odd analogy while speaking about the cheating Houston Astros.

At one point during a rant, Cowherd spoke about the effect this cheating scandal could have on kids. Cowherd makes the point that kids won’t mimic the Astros because they are smarter than that. As he explains, kids look at Pornhub all the time but that doesn’t mean they will go out and become pornstars.

“Do they become pornstars because they occasionally go to pornhub? Nahhhhhh, they’re kids,” Cowherd exclaimed. This clip immediately made the rounds on social media as fans laughed at what Cowherd had to say. The analogy was pretty outrageous especially when you consider the context of what he was talking about. It begs the question: why was Cowherd thinking about Pornhub?

We can only imagine what his producers were thinking during this monologue.