Classified Hopes to Spark Change in Society With New 'Fallen' Premiere

Classified Hopes to Spark Change in Society With New 'Fallen' Premiere


On the release day of his highly anticipated six-track Tomorrow Could Be… EP, Classified delivers a coinciding visual for standout cut “Fallen.” The astute Jacqueline Andrade-directed video premieres Streets Talkin below.

The Canada native takes a step back to observe the ills of society exuded throughout the clip. The opening scene finds two adults getting into a physical altercation due to road rage while pedestrians do nothing to halt the dispute and keep their phones out in hopes of filming a viral moment. 

Classified walks through Toronto and ends the “Fallen” visual on a higher note, where he discovers an interracial couple enjoying each other's company and some quality time in a verdant park together. “We marvel at what’s going on in the world and how we as society act and react to it,” the “Pay Day” rapper explains, in reference to the visual's inspiration.

The 40-year-old believes that the hard-hitting track is reminiscent of something in the mold of a creation from Slum Village or A Tribe Called Quest.

“This is my joint. For me, this was the easiest song to make on the album. In many ways, I feel like we made the best song first and simply wrote a verse from the point of observing the world today and reacting to what’s happening,” Classified relays. “I love the vibe of this song, it takes me back to some Slum Village or A Tribe Called Quest vibes.”

Check out the “Fallen” video below. Purchase the Tomorrow Could Be… EP on iTunes.