Childish Gambino & Chance The Rapper Let Off Fireworks In Week 2 At Coachella

Childish Gambino & Chance The Rapper Let Off Fireworks In Week 2 At Coachella


Childish Gambino‘s second tour of duty saw him literally set the festival grounds on fire. Why not begin this account of Glover’s Coachella 2019 with a recap of what went down in Week 1. 7 Days ago, Childish Gambino set the stage ablaze in a different way, with tributes to both Nipsey Hussle and the Mac Miller nestled in between strong performances of his best material, songs like “Redbone,” “Summertime Magic,” “Have Some Love,” “Terrified” This Is America,” and even a one of a kind cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”

In his second Coachella set in as many weeks, Gambino performed much of the same material, except in this instance he closed the set with a fireworks-laden rendition of “Redbone.” Before closing up shop, Gambino welcomed Chance the Rapper onstage for a heartfelt “bro-out” moment. The pair had met just hours before the commencement of Glover’s set.

According to TMZ, Chance and his new friend “clicked” behind the scenes, where the scene for the Chicagoans appearance on stage. Unfortunately, since he and Gambino don’t a history of recording together, Chance’s appearance was relegated to a “hug and greet” without the benefit a premeditated song and dance.

Something tells me, we haven’t seen the last of them in a musical capacity. They have FAR too much in common from an outsider’s perspective. My question to those who witnessed both of Glover’s 2019 iterations: which concert showing shone the brightest, hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below?