Chevy Woods & Wiz Khalifa Rep Taylor Gang On "Bitch You Lyin"

Chevy Woods & Wiz Khalifa Rep Taylor Gang On "Bitch You Lyin"


Chevy Woods and Wiz Khalifa leave romance at the door on “Bitch You Lyin.”

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Perhaps that’s why so many rappers have kicked f their songs with irate voicemails from the fairer sex. It’s a tried and true formula, especially when one is attempting to set a particular mood somewhere along the lines Venus Vs. Mars. Now, as Chevy Woods’ 81 hits streaming services, the Taylor Gang rapper has made one thing abundantly clear. He cannot abide by a lying woman. So much so, he took to the book o’ rhymes to jot down some thoughts on the issue, resulting in the Wiz Khalifa assisted “Bitch You Lyin.”

While it does a little more uncharacteristic for the generally amicable Wiz, “Bitch You Lyin” finds both rappers airing their grievances with any woman attempting to besmirch their honor. “Hundreds girls they running up,” raps Wiz. “Know we the gang, they fuck with us.” It’s hardly the most lyrically challenging verse Wiz’s career, but he gets the job done.

As for Woods, it’s fair to say that this one came from a place anger, or perhaps even hurt. Either way, “Bitch You Lyin” is a hard-hitting, distorted banger from two men who simply have no patience for the bullshit.

Quotable Lyrics

I just got the money I can’t waste no time
Now she says she wanna fuck me I said wait in line
I used to see the bitch rain snow or shine
She had her last n***a name tattooed on her spine!