Chanel West Coast Talks Inspiration Behind ‘Sharon Stoned’ Music Video

Chanel West Coast Talks Inspiration Behind ‘Sharon Stoned’ Music Video


Rapper Chanel West Coast released the music video for her pro-marijuana single "Sharon Stoned," ironically, on Saturday (April 20). Inspired by the iconic actress Sharon Stone herself, Chanel’s new track aimed to pay homage to the Basic Instinct actress by replicating some of her looks and scenes from past movies.

"The inspiration behind the song came from… I was at the studio one day, and the movie Casino was playing." Chanel tells Streets Talkin. "I was talking to my producer about [the movie] and he made a little joke out of it and said, 'Oh you’re Sharon Stoned.' You know because I do smoke weed. Then it kind of just hit me, that's a song right there."

The Ridiculousness! star adds that Stone is one of her biggest inspirations.

"If I’m going to make a song paying homage to anybody, it’s gonna be her since she’s one of my favorite actresses," says Chanel.

The cinematic visual recreates one of Stone's above and beyond fashion looks from the movies Casino and Basic Instinct, with a modern day twist. Dressed in a short white latex dress with a slicked back hairstyle to mimic the iconic Sharon Stone character, Chanel dances, smokes, and sings along to the catchy hook, "Sharon, Sharon, Sharon stoned," throughout the majority of the video. 

"It was kind of like a mix of weed culture and paying homage to her classic look in a modern version," Chanel says of the redesigned fashion looks.

In alignment with the heavy 4/20 theme of the "Sharon Stoned," video, Chanel is also seen in some scenes with bright green hair, smoking gold marijuana rolled blunts.

"I always try to put a storyline in my videos. This [was] definitely the most cinematic video I’ve done yet, and its kind of like a mini movie. I’m excited for my fans to see a little bit of my acting in it as well," Chanel says.

Rapper Redman and actor Michael Rapaport make cameos as detectives in a comedic recreation of Stone's famous interrogation scene from Basic Instinct. Chanel sits in the chair, blunt in hand, while Redman and Rapaport ask a firing line of questions that Chanel initially refuses to answer, then laughs off and goes into her rap verse.

As the rapper continues to cement herself in the music industry, Chanel explains that she's going to be trying new things in the future that she can't wait to share with her fans.

"I'm stepping a little bit out of what people know me as," she explains. "I'm going to be dropping an album, and my fans can expect to hear a lot more singing. It's going to be a blend of rapping and singing, I'm really excited." 

Check out Chanel West Coast's "Sharon Stoned," music video below.