Chance The Rapper & Lizzo Go Way Back

Chance The Rapper & Lizzo Go Way Back


For anyone who’s feeling a little down on themselves today, have no fear — Chance the Rapper is here to save the day. With a little #TBT footage, the rapper resurfaced an old clip of an interview he did before Acid Rap came out. But what makes this clip stand-out even more is that Lizzo is the one conducting the interview before she was famous.

#tbt anybody recognize the woman interviewing me??” He captioned the photo. “It was 2012, a year before Acid Rap even dropped, and I was being interviewed for a small magazine in Minneapolis called GreenRoom, right after a small show I was playing,” he continued. “I’ve watched Lizzo work her ass off to become the biggest act in the world and it was nothing but her and her day 1 best friends’ hard work, and her own God given Talent. I am immensely proud of her and so inspired by her journey.”

The interview took place in Minneapolis in late 2012, months before Chance dropped Acid Rap and nearly a year before Lizzo’s debut album Lizzobangers was released. Of course, Lizzo’s mainstream success has grown significantly since those days. Chance even noted that the two have the same amount of Grammy awards and are set to play the same festival in Houston in the next few weeks.

Peep the clip below.