Chaka Khan’s All-Star Performance Compared To Fergie’s

Chaka Khan’s All-Star Performance Compared To Fergie’s


The 2020 NBA All-Star weekend was filled with some memorable moments, for better or for worse but people surely won’t be forgetting Chaka Khan’s performance during the National Anthem. If you’ll recall, the 2018 All-Star Game was led by Fergie’s rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner that produced a sequence of reactions that continue to live on as everyday-use memes. Unfortunately, things were equally shakey last night when Chaka Khan hit the stage to sing the National Anthem.

No one is disputing that Chaka Khan is a legend because she, in fact, is a breathing definition of the word but, as the saying goes, less is more and this time, it sounded like she simply overdid it. Immediately, the timeline was hit with a variety of reactions from praises to straight roasts. Many began to compare Chaka Khan’s rendition to Fergie‘s rendition, although many were quick to defend the Queen Of Funk. 

Despite the polarizing performance at the top of the game, it did turn out to be another successful weekend for the NBA. The All-Star Game included the introduction of a brand-new format for the game where the first three quarters were regarded as their own mini-games. However, the final quarter would add up the score from the previous three quarters with the winning team determined by who reaches 157 points first. 

Peep the reactions to Chaka Khan’s performance below.