Celina Powell Says Trey Songz Raped Her & Trashes Joyner Lucas

Celina Powell Says Trey Songz Raped Her & Trashes Joyner Lucas


Let me preface this for you. Celina Powell is incredibly grimy. If you’ve never heard of her, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Her reputation is ridiculously bad, being known around town as somebody who will get in your pants if it means she gets some cheap clout from it. As Adam22 describes in his latest encounter with the woman, she is to thottery what 6ix9ine is to snitching. Celina stopped by the No Jumper podcast to give a very entertaining account of everything that’s been happening in her life for the last little while, speaking on her beef with Joyner Lucas, an alleged sexual assault from Trey Songz, and much more.

It’s crazy to think that rappers are still allowing Celina Powell into their lives. This is the same woman who nearly singlehandedly took down Cardi B and Offset’s marriage by faking an affair and a pregnancy. During her latest appearance on the No Jumper podcast, she goes in-depth about the claims Aaron Carter made on the show, denying that they’ve ever slept together and suggesting that the entertainer is on crack cocaine. She also said that she’s still cool with Tekashi 6ix9ine, hoping that she can meet up with the star if/when he gets out of jail next year. 

One of the wildest claims that Celina makes on the podcast involves Trey Songz. She says that she was invited to a private room to get it on with Trey but when she arrived, there were several other women there. She wasn’t down to share so she tried to get out of the situation. Trigga Trey allegedly forced himself on her and Celina says she even had a rape kit administered at the hospital. 

Celina Powell has a very questionable track record with things like this so, people are unfortunately not inclined to believe her. If this actually did happen, we feel for her. If it didn’t though, she’s seriously got to learn to stop crossing the line and trying to ruin lives.