Cardi B’s Reaction To Tekashi 6ix9ine "Snitch" Question Is Priceless

Cardi B’s Reaction To Tekashi 6ix9ine "Snitch" Question Is Priceless


Everybody went absolutely insane when Cardi B was mentioned in court during the Tekashi 6ix9ine trial last week. At first, there was some misinformation being reported with several sources stating that, during his testimony, 6ix9ine named the rapper as a member of the Nine Trey Bloods. That, however, was incorrect. The femcee was mentioned as a member of the Bloods but she reps a different set. Once the transcript was released later that day, people calmed down but still, it seemed ridiculously unnecessary for Tekashi to even mention the superstar. During a recent trip to the shopping mall, fans mobbed Cardi B and one overzealous supporter asked about her opinion of the rainbow-haired rapper. Her reaction was incredibly telling.

Cardi B's Reaction To Tekashi 6ix9ine "Snitch" Question Is Priceless
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

“Yo Cardi, is 6ix9ine a snitch,” yelled the fan as the musician signed autographs. She looked in his direction and gave a big ole’ shrug, resulting in tons of laughter from everybody surrounding. Bardi’s official response to being named during the trial was equally hilarious, using the viral Keke Palmer meme to speak her true feelings about the situation.

Despite her keeping her mouth shut, the fact that she even pulled off a shrug means that she’s likely a little peeved that she’s now part of this drama. Watch her reaction below.