Cardi B Strikes Back After Being Accused Of Fat-Shaming Fan

Cardi B Strikes Back After Being Accused Of Fat-Shaming Fan


We understand why people get heated when Cardi B decides to clap back at her haters. People assume that it’s always open season on celebrities, figuring that they don’t really have time to go through all their mentions so they likely won’t even see the hate. Bardi always manages to find the most scathing remarks though and she’s trying to teach everybody a lesson. If you’re allowed to constantly talk shit about her, she should be given a free pass to retaliate sometimes. 

The Bronx-based superstar was recently under fire after she told a woman to “stick to her diet” in the comments section after the social media user berated her in her direct messages. The woman told Cardi that she shouldn’t be able to refer to herself as an “artist,” noting that she barely writes any of her own bars and stanning for Nicki Minaj. After ending her comment with a brash “stick to the movies,” the venomous musician struck back by telling her she should “stick to her diet” after cruising through her page and realizing that she was trying to lose weight. This all prompted the singer to go off online.

“People on the internet make me sick,” she tweeted. “So she can continuously leave hate comments on my page and on dm but asoon as I tell her to stick to her diet which she claim she was on I’m fatphobic ? Wtf is a fatphobic? LMAO! Lucky I ain’t said worst .Matter fact eat a dick.”

Later in the same thread, she also called out a man who claimed Offset was cheating on her (real original…) by comparing him to an ostrich. Should Cardi just log off sometimes or is this a vital part of her persona at this point?