Cardi B Says Rico Nasty Is "Up Next"

Cardi B Says Rico Nasty Is "Up Next"


Cardi B and Rico Nasty were spreading the love on Twitter after an old tweet of Cardi rapping her breakout hit, “Bodak Yellow,” in a clip resurfaced. In a world where women in hip hop are so often pitted against each other and the public pushes narratives about constant beef, it’s always refreshing when two female rappers have nothing but kind words for each other. Such actions recently occurred on Twitter, when a video of Cardi B rapping the hit song that would launch her into superstardom made its rounds. The tweet was posted by Cardi herself on April 22nd, 2017, a few months before “Bodak Yellow” was released and Cardi subsequently blew up.

At the time when Cardi was better known as a reality star, but all that was about to change. Rico Nasty brought up Cardi’s impending success at the time when she retweeted the throwback tweet on Friday, noting how dope the song already sounded back then.

“This so fire it didnt even have adlibs yet omg,” Rico tweeted. “I wonder if she knew right here how big that song would be.” Cardi responded with the answer she was looking for, and even asked Rico if she knows that she’s destined to follow in her footsteps.

“Yeup … I felt in my heart !” Cardi replied, before asking Rico,” ……I wonder if you know your up next ?!” Nothing like queens supporting queens. Could this mean that a collab is on the horizon?