Cardi B Responds To Haters Who Think She Lied About Her #MeToo Moment

Cardi B Responds To Haters Who Think She Lied About Her #MeToo Moment


If you missed the other day, Cardi B sat down with Angie Martinez for in depth interview and spoke about a time she was sexually harassed by a photographer of a magazine. The interview, which you can see here, has since seen Cardi receiving a lot of backlash for what people are thinking is hypocritical of her. People are mentioning the time Cardi said she used to drug men back in her stripping days and rob them, believing what she did was just as bad.

Well despite the backlash she received, Cardi had to defend herself yesterday against this hate. In a since deleted post, Cardi explains that she doesn’t lie or do anything just for attention and that she has been talking about the same situation for years.

“I BEEN TALK ABOUT THIS SHIT BEFORE I SPOKE TO ANGIE even on my mixtape,” Cardi exclaimed. “truth is this ain’t nothing Far-fetch this shit still and stay happening.”

The Invasion of Privacy rapper was trying to make the point that women in the industry find themselves in bad situations with people in power all the time but she explained that it is hard to understand if you have not experienced the same thing. “A lot of you stay at home bitches can’t relate but a lot do.I been in these streets and the streets ain’t Disney,” Cardi ended her message.

Later, Cardi responded to a specific person who brought up the drugging of the men, which Cardi said wasn’t her doing or intention. She also claims it was the men’s choices to keep returning to the club anyways. Check out clapback season (below).