Cardi B Questions Assault Accuser’s Story

Cardi B Questions Assault Accuser’s Story


Cardi B is debunking allegations that she physically and verbally abused a former security guard working at a medical clinic during her pregnancy. According to TMZ, Emani Ellis filed a lawsuit against the Bronx rapper on claims that she was assaulted, struck and spat on by Cardi B. Witnesses have already denied these allegations but Cardi put them to rest herself.

“Why don’t you guys post the part where the doctor office said that that’s not what happen ?and if I assaulted why she didn’t press charges ? Why would I put my hands on some1 twice my size by myself while I’m experiencing sharp pain 4 months pregnant ?” She wrote on Twitter.

The alleged assault occurred on Feb. 24th, 2018, before Cardi had announced her pregnancy. Ellis alleged that she was attacked by Cardi who also used racial slurs against her. This apparently went down at a medical clinic while Cardi was pregnant but witnesses have denied the validity of Ellis’ statement as well. Sources say that Ellis attempted to record video or take photos of Cardi but the rapper attempted to stop her because she didn’t want to get filmed at the doctor’s office.

It didn’t end there, though. Ellis reportedly refused and got hospital towards Cardi before things escalated. Fortunately, building staff intervened before things for physical which debunks Ellis’ allegations. 

Ellis filed a suit against Cardi B for assault, battery and infliction of emotional distress. She claims that Cardi “then used her celebrity status to get [Ellis] fired from her job as a security guard.” However, this isn’t true, according to a rep from the building, Cardi’s doctor and the patient coordinator got Ellis fired because she invaded Cardi’s privacy.