Calpurnia Release Dreamy New Video For 'Greyhound': Watch

Calpurnia Release Dreamy New Video For 'Greyhound': Watch


Calpurnia has the slacker rock vibe down to a science.

The Canadian quartet has dropped the music video for their song ”Greyhound,” off of their first EP Scout, which came out on June 15, and it'll fill you with nostalgia.

In the one-shot sequence video (out June 28), Finn Wolfhard & Co. walk the city streets aimlessly and alone. They unknowingly pass each other on their separate paths to the top of a parking garage where they all meet. 

Overlayed with a warm retro camera filter, the video, like the music, is cozy and lo-fi. Both are filled with feelings of teenage loneliness and adolescent longing. Grainy guitar chords and reverb-drenched drums echo over Wolfhard as he sings, “I wish I could go home and pretend this never happened.” 

Watch the video for “Greyhound” below.