C-Murder Case: Second Witness Recants Testimony – Urban Islandz

C-Murder Case: Second Witness Recants Testimony – Urban Islandz


A second witness in C-Murder’s murder case has recanted their statement paving the way for the conviction to be overturned.

Last week (June 26), the main police witness in the high prile murder case Corey “C-Murder” Miller changed his testimony. It caused an uproar among fans and family the former No Limit rapper including from his brother Master P and nephew Romeo Miller, who calls for the conviction to be overturned. C-Murder is currently serving time for a murder that took place a decade and a half ago where a teenager was shot and killed at Harvey nightclub.

Kenneth Jordan, who was one the key witnesses in the case, initially identified the rapper as the shooter but is now recanting that statement. “I know that the individual who I saw shoot the gun was not Corey Miller,” Jordan said in a new affidavit filed in court, NOLA reported.

C-Murder’s attorney, Paul Barker, and Jordan are accusing the Sheriff Office and the prosecutors forcing the 35-year-old to testify against the rapper. Jordan contends that authorities threatened to press criminal charges against him if he doesn’t testify and his testimony ultimately leads to Miller’s conviction.

A second witness, Darnell Jordan, is now recanting his testimony. During C-Murder’s second-degree murder trial in 2009, he testified in court that he saw Corey Miller killed Steve Thomas, who was 16 years old at the time his death.

Romeo Miller weighed in on the development on his Instagram page. “My Uncle C has been serving a life sentence behind bars for something he didnt do and today the whole world knows hes innocent,” he wrote. “The witness recants his testimony and says he was pressured into identifying the famous rapper. Good or bad, one thing I know about life is that we may not understand everything, but everything happens for a reason and although we all arent treated as equal we must keep faith.”