Browns’ Greg Robinson Arrest Details: 157 lbs Of Weed Seized

Browns’ Greg Robinson Arrest Details: 157 lbs Of Weed Seized


Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Greg Robinson is reportedly facing up to 20 years in federal prison after a vehicle he was riding in was found to be transporting 157 pounds of marijuana.

According to reports, Robinson and two others, including fellow Auburn alum Jaquan Bray, were driving from Los Angeles to Louisiana in a rented SUV on Monday when they were stopped by a border patrol agent on Interstate 10 in West Texas. There, a drug-sniffing dog detected the scent of marijuana, 157 pounds worth of it, to be exact. 

Browns' Greg Robinson Arrest Details: 157 lbs Of Weed Seized

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Upon a search of the vehicle, officers reportedly discovered several large duffel bags stuffed with vacuum-sealed bags of weed along with glass jars, packing equipment and $3,100 in cash.

The third passenger in the vehicle was described as an Uber driver who typically ran errands for Robinson in his family. The report states that Robinson had texted the driver to claim ownership of the weed but he refused, claiming he never would have agreed to take the trip if he was aware of the cargo. That person was not charged, but both Robinson and Bray were charged with possessing marijuana with intent to sell. They face up to 20 years if convicted.

Robinson, 27, was selected by the then-St. Louis Rams second overall out of Auburn in the 2014 NFL Draft, but he only lasted two seasons before being dealt to the Detroit Lions for a sixth-round pick. He later signed with Cleveland in 2018 and the team resigned him again last year as he started in 14 games.