Boosie Badazz Thinks White Battle Rapper Deserved Hit After Dropping N-Word

Boosie Badazz Thinks White Battle Rapper Deserved Hit After Dropping N-Word


This week, a battle rap video captured the attention of the hip hop community and beyond. The video shows a white battle rapper named William Wolf in a room filled with black people as he went up against his lyrical opponent, a black rapper. Wolf boasted in his rhymes that he was told not to use the n-word then started his next bar with “my n*gga” as he addressed his opponent.

He wasn’t able to say much else because his opponent popped him in the mouth, and in battle rap, physical violence is a no-no. Wolf would later comment on the incident, saying that it wasn’t “that deep” for him to get hit over, but there are others in the rap scene who have openly disagreed. Boosie Badazz was caught by a TMZ cameraman making his way through Los Angeles International airport and was asked about his opinion on the controversial video.

“It’s probably just a bad situation for him,” Boosie said. “I done had white, close white friends call me ‘my n*gga, you know. You can’t do that [in] certain situations. You gotta know how to say that word.” He added, “In a battle rap you dissin’. In a battle rap, it’s different. It’s aggression.” Boosie said under different circumstances the n-word is said “like love,” but at a battle rap, the white rapper should have been corrected physically.

“They was supposed to bust him in his sh*t, they did the right thing,” he said. “If you were trying to be derogatory with it, like you was trying to be offense-ful with it, and that’s something that you can’t do being who you are. That’s why it happened.” The Louisiana rapper couldn’t say whether or not this viral video was a warning to white rappers because he was never into battle rap. “Where I’m from, if you talk about somebody, you die about it.” Watch his clip below.