Boosie BadAzz Speaks On Reparations: "Where Our F*cking Money At?"

Boosie BadAzz Speaks On Reparations: "Where Our F*cking Money At?"


Rapper Boosie BadAzz can be considered the most hated man in America or the most agreed with depending on who you’re asking and, quite frankly, given what time of day it is. Thankfully (for now!), Boosie’s latest comments may see him getting widespread approval after he decided to remind everyone on Instagram that Black people still deserve reparations for the unsavory era of slavery in America.

Boosie BadAzz Speaks On Reparations: "Where Our F*cking Money At?"
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In a longwinded post from a few days ago, the Bad Azz rapper wrote a three-page letter that was mainly aimed at the politicians of the world given the current election season. Excusing his grammar, he wrote on the first page, “I was just watching a show about Blacks n Black buizness n what they went through. Bra our people deserve money like the dam Indians get. We got completely murdered n fucked over by this nation. Every time we get successful they hung us. Do y’all know about Greenwood, Black Wall Street n how they did us. Bra I’m pissed. Where the fuck our money at. Our wealth n lives was taking from us for any n everything especially our buizness men n women.”

The second slide continued his expletive, poorly-written rant, which read, “Why havent none of our fucking presidents ask that Black people be compensated forever. Why has this never been a issue at any presidential rally etc. Have we forgot? Do leaders feel we deserved it? Millions of Blacklives taken n “Black Wealth” just stripped which have affected us till this day financially n emotionally. I hate u bitches who did that 2 us. I wish death 2 all of you. Blacks in this country still got no fucking respect r love n thats real.”

He ended things off by writing on the third page, “Where our fucking money at bitches? Democrats, Republicans, presidents etc. Do u give a fuck what we been through? Political Blacks who r n power, why havent yo ass spoke up about our race being compensated. I guess yall dont give a fuck cause yall str8 now. Where our fucking money at?”

Read the original post by Boosie BadAzz below if you can get past the grammar, and let us know if you think the controversial emcee is speaking facts down in the comment section: