Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Announce Name Change

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Announce Name Change


Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have announced that they’ve supposedly changed their name to “Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony,” as part of a promotional campaign for Buffalo Wild Wings’ new boneless wings. The iconic rap group’s shocking announcement will have you double-checking the calendar to make sure that April Fools’ Day hasn’t come early. A “Behind The Scenes” video shared on social media details how the name change came to be and shows the obstacles that the group faced in making the decision. They also made a statement on their official website, whose URL has been adjusted to indicate the name change.

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This would’ve been a good April fools joke ??? chicken wang chicken wang ???

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“For 25 years, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have continually reinvented rap,” says the narrator of the clip. “But today, a name change threatens to tear the group apart.” The narrator explains that the boys’ “new love for boneless wings lead to a new name.” According to Krayzie “Boneless” (née Bone) in their statement, “we were sitting down having the new [boneless] wings and it just hit me all of a sudden–I was like, yo, it’s time for a change. We need to be Boneless Thugs now. Bottom line.” However, not everyone was on board.

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“I ain’t changing sh*t!” declared Layzie Bone. “It’s preposterous.” Bones’ manager, Stevel Lobel, explains to Lazyie that it’s “always majority rules” with the group, and right now, he’s outnumbered. Even after trying to boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, Layzie doesn’t budge, but the group makes the executive decision to go through with the name change regardless. The video ends on a cliffhanger, as the fate of the Bone(less) Thugs-N-Harmony is left undecided. Will the new Buffalo Wild Wings’ boneless wings be the end of the Bone Thugs?

Likely, no. If you feel like you’re stuck in a fever dream, worry not. The name change is almost certainly not permanent, but rather a temporary, satirical move to promote BWW’s new boneless wings. Despite the lighthearted, comedic nature of the campaign, the group did actually launch some limited edition “Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony” merch, available for purchase on their online store while supplies last.

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