Blazers’ Rumored Kevin Love Trade Proposal Revealed

Blazers’ Rumored Kevin Love Trade Proposal Revealed


Numerous NBA teams were busy at the trade deadline this year as they were looking for ways to improve while also offloading some of their worst contracts. One of the teams that had a chance to make a splash was the Cleveland Cavaliers who were thinking of moving the likes of Kevin Love. Love has one of the heftiest contracts in the league and it’s clear he isn’t too interested in being in Cleveland anymore.

According to reports, the Portland Trail Blazers offered the Cavaliers Kent Bazemore and Hassan Whiteside but the Cavs weren’t interested. In fact, the struggling squad was looking for a first-round pick but there wasn’t a single team that wanted to make that move. This is why Love was never dealt, in the end.

Blazers' Rumored Kevin Love Trade Proposal Revealed

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Per Jason Lloyd of The Athletic:

“The only one that I know definitely equated to just a salary dump. Portland offered Bazemore and Whiteside, which essentially would’ve matched Kevin’s salary. But both of those are expiring contracts and the Cavs would’ve received no real assets in return. Portland eventually sent Bazemore to Sacramento.

Most teams were telling the Cavs they’d need to include assets just to get them to take Kevin’s contract. The Cavs were asking for a first-round pick. No one even came close to that. I’d expect them to resume trade talks on Kevin this summer.”

Both the Cavaliers and Blazers are on pace to miss the playoffs this season. Had the Blazers acquired Love, their chances certainly would have gone up. Unfortunately, they may very well have to wait until next year to make a run.