"Black Ink Crew" Star Sky’s Son Cries Over Their Strained Relationship

"Black Ink Crew" Star Sky’s Son Cries Over Their Strained Relationship


The world watched as Sky Days reunited with her sons Genasis and Dessalines. The Black Ink Crew star became pregnant at a young age and decided to give her children up for adoption. She decided to allow VH1 cameras to document the emotional, and often tumultuous, reunions with her sons, and it’s been a rollercoaster ride of drama for the reality television series ever since.

"Black Ink Crew" Star Sky's Son Cries Over Their Strained Relationship
Gabe Ginsberg / Stringer / Getty Images

In previous seasons, viewers have watched as Sky and her eldest son Genasis have been at odds. Genasis was firmly resistant to meeting and building a relationship with his birth mother, especially because he’d watched her enjoy her life on reality TV. Dessalines was more open, and soon, Sky and Des were as thick as thieves. She went to his football games and even attended his high school graduation. After that, Des moved in with his mom and all seemed to be well between the two.

However, Sky later accused Des of stealing from her. She said there were items and money missing from her home, but Des denied he’d taken anything. Sky said some cruel things to her son—she told him she should have “swallowed” him and that she didn’t want him—in the heat of the moment, but that wasn’t the end of their animosity. In a clip from the new season, Des cries to Sky’s best friend and Black Ink owner Ceaser Emanuel as he relives the most recent argument with his mother. He can’t get over how she “wished death” on him.

Some believe Sky answered her son on Instagram with a selfie. In the caption, she wrote, “When You Crossed Me You Lost Me ??.” Check out the mother and son going at it as well as Sky’s recent selfie below.