Blac Youngsta Pulls Out Gun In Response To Aggressive Concert Crowd

Blac Youngsta Pulls Out Gun In Response To Aggressive Concert Crowd


Footage has surfaced of Blac Youngsta appearing to pull out a gun at his concert in South Carolina on Thursday (Feb. 20). The Memphis rapper wasn’t using it as a prop in an attempt to convince the crowd that he’s really bout that life. He wielded the weapon out of self-defence.

Videos show audience members getting hostile towards Blac Youngsta, even throwing chairs in his direction at one point. It’s being speculated that the tension was gang-related. According to DJVONTV’s Instagram post, Blac Youngsta’s opponents were members of the Charleston Crips. 

Blac Youngsta tried to verbally de-escalate the situation before resorting to the gun. “I don’t know y’all, bruh,” he is heard telling the crowd in a video. “I don’t have no problems with y’all, bruh. But we strapped, we with whatever y’all with, bruh,” Blac Youngsta warns his detractors. “We don’t give no fuck, bruh. Let me do my show, I’ma come outside, we gon’ deal with that. I’ma do my show, we gon’ come out an deal with y’all.”

After people continued to antagonize Blac Youngsta while he performed, someone subtly hands him a gun, which XXL guessed to be a Draco with an extended clip. Adequately strapped, he and his crew push through people to make their exit as objects keep being thrown at them. Blac Youngsta has not publicly commented on this incident yet.