Bhad Bhabie & Skai Jackson’s Mothers Are Beefing

Bhad Bhabie & Skai Jackson’s Mothers Are Beefing


If you’ve been keeping up-to-date on what 16-year-old rapper Bhad Bhabie has been up to — we don’t blame you if you haven’t — then you’ve likely come across her numerous disses against Disney star Skai Jackson. The teenager has been going after Jackson for the last twenty-four hours, accusing her of getting intimate with Youngboy Never Broke Again, Lil Gotit, and a few other rappers that she considers friends. Jackson refuses to comment on the negativity, taking the higher road and speaking about all of her current successes on Twitter instead. However, her mother is not the same. In the most recent development involving the two and their feud, their parents have officially gotten involved and are trashing each other just like their kids.

Replying to a comment left on her page by Danielle Bregoli, Skai Jackson’s mother scolded the star with her motherly advice. “Take this shit somewhere else and leave my damn daughter alone,” requested Kiya Cole, the mother of Skai Jackson. Bhad Bhabie’s mother Barbara came through with her own trash talk, responding, “Oh listen to you preach tell your daughter to stop speaking on mine and you think you are calling my daughter Ratchet. Remember I come from New York too.”

Yikes… It didn’t end there though. In fact, things only got worse. Kiya Cole clapped back, saying, “Bitch! You ain’t saying nothing but a word! If you want a problem with me, I will surely give you one!!!” She then went on to call Barbara ratchet before Bhabie’s mom accused Skai Jackson of sleeping around with “all them rappers.” Considering the fact that Skai is only seventeen-years-old, that’s a pretty inappropriate claim to make.

Read the full exchange in the post below and be prepared to cringe.