Ben Affleck Confronts Max Kellerman Over His Tom Brady Slander

Ben Affleck Confronts Max Kellerman Over His Tom Brady Slander


Max Kellerman has given Stephen A. Smith a run for his money when it comes to the hot takes being delivered on ESPN’s First Take. Kellerman has never been shy to ruffle a few feathers and that’s exactly what he does every single time he talks about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Kellerman has been claiming for years now that Brady is falling off of a cliff and that the Patriots are better off without him. As you can imagine, this has upset Patriots fans greatly as they look to Brady as some sort of deity.

On yesterday’s episode of First Take, Ben Affleck joined the show. The actor is a notorious Boston sports fan and Tom Brady apologist. With this in mind, you can just imagine the discourse that took place. Affleck was aggressive with his criticisms towards Kellerman and was trying to get to the bottom of his comments.

Kellerman clapped back saying Bill Belichick is the architect of the Patriots’ success and that they won’t miss Brady as much as they’ll miss their current head coach. Affleck disagreed with this assertion although Kellerman kept that same energy all the way throughout.

Neither were able to come to an agreement although no one expected them too. Patriots fans are hard to convince and when you’ve won 6 of the last 20 Super Bowls, you really don’t need to be.