Belly Aims to Raise Money After Families Belong Together Marches With 'Immigrant' T-Shirt

Belly Aims to Raise Money After Families Belong Together Marches With 'Immigrant' T-Shirt


Belly launched an exclusive “Immigrant” T-shirt over the weekend to show his dedication to the Families Belong Together marches that took place over the weekend. Despite his “mumble rap” genre, Belly (real name: Ahmad Balshe) is choosing to be outspoken on immigration because of his Middle Eastern roots.

“As an immigrant myself I feel as though immigration is a topic that need my support and yours as well with so much happening,” he said. “It’s our job as public figures and more importantly as humans to bring attention to these causes. With your help we can create a platform and bring awareness to help immigrants thrive and know they can succeed too.”

The simple statement T-shirt solely sports the word “Immigrant” in red letters on the front and “Belly” on the flip side. The shirt is available for purchase for $28 on his official website, where Belly will be donating 100 percent of the proceeds — a minimum amount of $7 per T-shirt sold — to the “American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who are defending the civil and legal rights of immigrants and refugees worldwide, and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) who support vulnerable children and refugee families around the world.”

His team handed out more than 200 special-edition shirts to protesters in New York during the End Family Separation Rally & March at Foley Square on Saturday. Belly also shared a message to his Instagram followers that day about the donation component of his merch. “My love and support will be there, and I will be there in spirit,” he wrote.