Azealia Banks Sends Enraged Messages To Kenny Beats After Rico Nasty Project

Azealia Banks Sends Enraged Messages To Kenny Beats After Rico Nasty Project


Azealia Banks is surely a passionate woman. She loves to go online and spread her message, even though many of her followers are just there for the laughs. At this point in her career, she’s almost made a joke out of herself because of the way she reacts to things on social media. You can guarantee that she’ll voice her controversial opinion whenever something goes off in the game and she’ll do so in spurts, expending energy by uploading around thirty Instagram stories. This week, she kept her anger to a minimum but once Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats dropped their collaborative project Anger Management, AB went off.

Like much of her recent catalog, Rico Nasty’s new project is pretty solid. The rising rapper is quickly making a name for herself in a game that’s currently being dominated by female artists. Azealia Banks may have been a leader when “212” dropped but now, she’s unfortunately become an afterthought in terms of her musical output. She was vexed about Rico and Kenny’s project, sending a series of text messages to Kenny Beats for him to hilariously post online, shaming her even further.

“Azealia Banks just sent me 9 texts from a random number talkin about how anger mgmt sucks she so fuckin mad,” wrote Kenny Beats on Twitter. He didn’t share all of the messages from Banks from he did post a few of his favourites. She said in the texts: “But when you are ready to respect a queen and put your white male pride aside…. when you are ready to stop teaching a black woman about how to create black art …. maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’ll let you be the runner on one of my sessions.”

To be honest, Azealia didn’t really even need to sign the messages because Kenny would have known they were from her either way.