"Avengers" Meets "SNL" In This Viral Thanos-Hosted Spec Script

"Avengers" Meets "SNL" In This Viral Thanos-Hosted Spec Script


Sometimes, an aspiring scribe opts to try their hand at penning a spec script, in the hopes of securing a position in the exclusive writer’s room. Such was indeed the case for Esquire video editor Dominick Nero, who found himself writing an Avengersinspired Saturday Night Live crossover script, in which the Mad Titan himself plays the admirable role of host.

Sharing a link to the document on Twitter, Nero shared a pitch of sorts. “What would it be like if Thanos hosted Saturday Night Live? this question haunts my every waking moment,” he writes. “Since Endgame is out this week, i finally tried to answer that question. heres my spec script, an entire episode of SNL hosted by Thanos. please enjoy.”

Complete with a photoshopped reimagining of Thanos’ unlockable “SNL” costume, the script finds the Endgame antagonist trading jokes with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump, Pete Davidson, and more. Also, Hoobastank is the musical guest – for some reason. While we attempt to rationalize the logic behind such a decision, check out some of the responses to Nero’s viral body of work. 

Is it time to get Josh Brolin on the phone, slap some purple makeup on him, and call it a day?