Ari Lennox Explains Love For Ja Rule & Why He’s Never Canceled

Ari Lennox Explains Love For Ja Rule & Why He’s Never Canceled


Shea Butter Baby star Ari Lennox is enjoying the fruits of her success. The First Lady of Dreamville’s “Shea Butter Baby” single recently became certified RIAA Gold, and soon she’ll be visiting our friends Down Under for a few live shows. The soul singer stopped by the Skullcandy Podcast to share insights into her career and joked about forcing her younger brothers to learn choreography to a Ja Rule song when they were little.

Reflecting on Ja Rule’s reign, Ari called the rapper “everything.” She added, “There are people that try him and I do not like those people,” she said. “I think they’re disgusting, soulless pieces of crap because Ja Rule to me is life. Had some of the most beautiful collaborations in the world, or in life in general.” The Ja praise didn’t stop there.

“And his passion was just—I could feel that, it was beautiful,” Ari continued. “He was just talkin’ real stuff.” The R&B singer said that there are plenty of talented rappers today, but Ja had a way of making a “girl feel like, ‘I’m your b*tch, I’m your bottom b*tch, I’m your side b*tch. I’m all these bitches to you…or your wife,” she added with a laugh. For the record, she, too, believes Ja was scammed in the Fyre Festival scandal.

As much as Ari wanted Ja Rule’s music to be the “background to [her] love life,” she admitted that it didn’t happen. Watch Ari Lennox’s full interview with Skullcandy Podcast below.