Apink Makes Bold Return With 'I'm So Sick': Watch the Music Video

Apink Makes Bold Return With 'I'm So Sick': Watch the Music Video


Korean girl group Apink’s first single of 2018 marks a more mature side of the team. “I’m So Sick” is a dramatic song, and the accommpanying music video feature the sextet in a totally new light, far away from the soft, flirty style they have primarily favored.

“I'm So Sick” leads Apink's ONE & SIX EP, the group's seventh since their start in 2011. It follows last year's Pink Up EP, which saw them release the singles “Always” and “Five.” That album landed the group at No. 14 on the World Albums chart.

Thriving on distorted vocal acrobatics and wailing synths, “I’m So Sick” grooves along with a sleek house beat as the six vocalists lay forth their embittered farewell. Also known as “Not Even One,” the song is produced by Korean duo Black Eyed Pilseung and takes the group away from their more saccharine pop days with its strong melody, sudden transitions, and a impassioned refrain of Auto-Tuned “wooooh nananana.”  

For the music video, the six members of Apink introduced their sultrier side by doing away with their flirty and feminine leanings in favor of stronger, more mature looks that showed off their charismatic charms in a way different than their former pastel and girlish styles did. “I’m So Sick” doesn't particularly follow a storyline, but shows the women in various states of getting over a relationship, and intersperses the dramatic farewell with sweeping choreography between scenes.

Along with the single, Apink's seventh One & SIX EP features five other songs. Members Chorong, Namjoo, and Eunji each credited with writing lyrics for tracks on album.

Watch the music video for “I’m So Sick” below: