Antonio Brown Raiders Return Quickly Shut Down By GM

Antonio Brown Raiders Return Quickly Shut Down By GM


Antonio Brown’s tenure with the Oakland Raiders was both short and tumultuous. Things seemed to be going great until Brown decided he would retire from the game of football if he couldn’t wear the helmet of his choice. After numerous helmet grievances and general antics, Brown was released by the Raiders and eventually picked up by the New England Patriots. Brown’s tenure with the Patriots was even shorter although at least he was able to play a game.

Now, Brown is without a team and next month, he will technically become a free agent although it remains to be seen whether or not he will actually get picked up. AB has expressed interest in a Raider reunion but according to Levi Damien of the Raiders Wire, Raiders GM Mike Mayock has much different plans.

Antonio Brown Raiders Return Quickly Shut Down By GM

Mark Brown/Getty Images

“Antonio Brown, I have very little comment about,” Mayock said. “I think he had his time with the Raiders and I think his time there is up.”

Brown didn’t end on good terms with the Raiders as Mayock made his frustrations with the wide receiver, very clear. Mayock became fed up with AB’s antics and eventually released him after somewhat of a public dispute that was mediated through the media. A reunion wouldn’t make sense for either side and if it were to happen, it would surely end in disaster.

Needless to say, Mayock is well-aware of the types of players he wants within his organization, moving forward.