Antonio Brown Offers Motivational Message While Channeling Billy Madison

Antonio Brown Offers Motivational Message While Channeling Billy Madison


Antonio Brown has been going through a whole slew of problems over the last month although it seems like things have really ramped up over the last week. While forcing himself out of Oakland was bizarre, there were still plenty of ways for Brown to redeem himself with the New England Patriots. After multiple sexual assault allegations were launched against him, the Patriots decided they had enough and released him. While Brown has voiced his displeasure at this, it seems like he really wants to turn his life around and even re-enrolled at his alma mater, Central Michigan.

Today, Brown took to Instagram where he shared a hilarious Billy Madison meme which depicts his head photoshopped onto Adam Sandler’s. If you remember the movie, Madison completely redoes Elementary and High School as a grown adult. It’s a pretty phenomenal movie and Brown seems to be embracing the jokes.

He also got a little motivational, saying “They tried to bury me; didn’t know I was a seed.” It looks like Brown anticipates a rebirth of sorts and hopes to be back in the NFL as quickly as possible. While any team would be lucky to have him from a production standpoint, he is still being investigated by the league which is something most teams won’t want to take a chance on.

Hopefully, Brown’s college experience will be just as successful as Madison’s journey through grade school.