Antonio Brown Harshly Dismisses XFL As "Lower-Class Football"

Antonio Brown Harshly Dismisses XFL As "Lower-Class Football"


Antonio Brown has been one of the most fascinating athletes in the sports world over the last six months or so. He has gotten himself into quite a bit of trouble but now he’s trying to turn his life around and work his way back into the NFL. It remains to be seen whether or not a team will give him a chance although if there is one thing for certain, he won’t be heading to the XFL, anytime soon. 

During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Brown spoke out about the league and whether or not he would ever join it. Brown was quite harsh about the level of football and was pretty dismissive in the process. Based on his response, it’s clear he would prefer to play in the NFL.

“I don’t really watch lower-class football … I don’t support XFL, man. If it ain’t the highest level, man, I don’t wanna do it,” Brown said. “I’m not playing XFL … it ain’t even about the money to me, for real. I don’t wanna go chill with 60 dudes every day; guys jealous ’cause AB gettin’ all the touchdowns; guys jealous AB getting all the girls they be wishing about.”

While it’s all well and good that he wants to play in the NFL, it’s all contingent on whether the league wants him. If the NFL turns AB aside, he will have already burned a bridge with the XFL, which could spell trouble.