Antonio Brown Boldly Predicts A Big Win In His NFL Grievances

Antonio Brown Boldly Predicts A Big Win In His NFL Grievances


Antonio Brown caused the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots a whole lot of grief throughout the month of September and it ultimately led to his release from both of those teams. As of right now, Brown is being investigated by the NFL and hasn’t been able to find himself another home in the league. After losing out on millions of dollars in guaranteed money, Brown is set to file nine grievances against the NFL and on Monday, Brown displayed confidence in the fact that he’ll win.

Brown’s packaging of this confidence was somewhat bizarre as he posted his own highlight to YouTube. In a video titled “AB Files Grievance 61 Million and Won, Check it Out (80th Touchdown),” Brown lets his viewers relive his one and only touchdown with the New England Patriots.

As you can tell from the title, Brown seems to think he’s already won his grievances although we all know that’s not exactly the case. Brown’s syntax and grammar here leave a lot to be desired so the messaging might be a little confusing. That English 303 class will certainly come in handy.

For now, Brown will have to wait quite a while before he knows if his grievances are successful or not.