Antonio Brown Addresses Fans With Cryptic Message On IG

Antonio Brown Addresses Fans With Cryptic Message On IG


Antonio Brown’s descent into madness has been well-documented over the past month or so and it really isn’t pretty. Fans have been making a plethora of jokes at his expense while he continues to exhibit some self-destructive behavior. Brown doesn’t take too kindly to criticism or reports about him and has been trigger happy with the block button on Twitter. While his Twitter rants remain selective and tend to come in spurts, he has been fairly active on Instagram where he likes to motivate his faithful followers.

Today, Brown took to IG once again, this time with a bit of a cryptic message that may or may not be about what’s going on with him right now. In essence, it seems as though AB just wants to be at peace but outside forces are making that next to impossible. 

AB has been going through some legal troubles as of late. Yesterday, we reported on how he was accused of being belligerent during a recent deposition. Brown has also been accused of sexual assault and is dealing with a lawsuit in that ongoing case. The wide receiver is without a job in the NFL and as time goes on, things aren’t looking too good for him.

Perhaps retiring and focusing on his mental health will bring him that peace he is looking for.