Allie X Tries to Quiet Her Demons on Eerie New Song ‘Devil I Know’: Listen

Allie X Tries to Quiet Her Demons on Eerie New Song ‘Devil I Know’: Listen


 Allie X's Cape God era is shaping up to be her most complex yet, as she confronts all-too-familiar demons on the new song "Devil I Know," out Friday (Jan. 31).

On the ominous track, Allie grapples with a toxic relationship. "I could pretend that I'm just prayin' now/ But I'm only on my knees/ I could scream 'somebody help me out'/ But the wicked one is me/ Baby you're the devil I know/ Better than the devil I don't," she sings, reaching a startling revelation as the creeping chorus kicks back in.

“The lyrics to ‘Devil I Know’ follow my inner dialogue as I address my abuser directly," the singer explains in a release. "What the listener realizes as the song goes on, is that I am actually singing to myself as the perpetrator, inflicting all my own suffering. ‘I could scream somebody help me out. But the wicked one is me.’ This is a song about your own inner demons, how difficult it is to quiet them, and how easy it is to stay embraced in their arms.”

"Devil I Know" is the latest track off Allie X's forthcoming sophomore album, Cape God, which is set for release Feb. 20 Twin Music Inc. Previously-released songs from the album include "Fresh Laundry," "Rings A Bell," "Regulars" and the noirish Troye Sivan collaboration "Love Me Wrong."

Stream Allie X's new song below.