Aidan Gallagher and Trinity Rose Debut Earnest Duet ‘Miss You’: Exclusive

Aidan Gallagher and Trinity Rose Debut Earnest Duet ‘Miss You’: Exclusive


Aidan Gallagher and Trinity Rose have unveiled their new collaboration “Miss You,” premiering exclusively on  Streets Talkin Thursday (April 25).

The upbeat track finds the rising talents joining forces, with the star of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy (Gallagher) and The Voice contestant (Rose) longing for each other as they’re pulled apart by distance and their separate lives.

“Running around with our own lives/ Hope you know how I miss you/ Crazy how our words collide/ Please just know I miss you/ And I still believe that this could be ours/ Just hold on for another day/ But can I still believe that this will work out?/ Just know how I miss you,” the pair sing, trading harmonies on the track’s yearning chorus.

“‘Miss You’ is really based on a true story,” Rose tells Streets Talkin. “Aidan and I met on Instagram through our love of music. We just started getting to know one another but I lived across the country in New York at the time while he was in L.A. We wrote the song together while apart. The song kept us connected and still does. And we hope it helps others feel the same.”

“‘Miss You,’ at its core, represents a feeling of vulnerability towards your circumstances,” Gallagher adds. “It follows two people pulled apart by something out of their control. Within the boundaries of this feeling the lyrics describe a connection that the two still feel with one another and how even as the relationship is coming to a close, they are desperate to try to communicate their love one last time.”

Get a first listen to “Miss You” below.