Afroman Falls Off Stage With Pimp Cup In Tact

Afroman Falls Off Stage With Pimp Cup In Tact


Afroman was on stage last night when he took a fall for the worst but fortunately, he got right back up with his Pimp Challice still standing upright. According to TMZ, the comedy-rapper known for singles like “Crazy Rap” and “Because I Got High” was performing at Montbleu Resort in Lake Tahoe on Saturday night when he took a little tumble on stage. A small misstep and he ended up falling off of the stage but thankfully, he bounced back really fast with his pimp chalice still in his hand.

In the footage that surfaced online, the rapper is seen in the middle of the song slipping before a few stagehands help him get back up. He was in the midst of “Crazy Rap” when the fell happened but as a seasoned performer, that didn’t deter him from missing the rest of the single and he bounced back with the bedazzled cup still in his hand.

There’s a reason why he kept such a firm grip on the cup, by the way. His producer Ditch said that it’s a product from Crunk Cup’s Debby the Glass Lady who sells these very chalices for $3K.

It goes without saying but he didn’t sustain any injuries from the fall and was good for the remainder of the evening. Ditch said Afroman was even dancing with a mystery girl after his show.