Aaron Rodgers Explains "Game Of Thrones" Cameo In New Video

Aaron Rodgers Explains "Game Of Thrones" Cameo In New Video


Game Of Thrones is currently in its eighth and final season with fans going absolutely bonkers over the last few episodes and the plot lines that have been coming to a close. It’s been a highly-anticipated season and last night, the second to last episode was aired. There were plenty of big events in the episode and fans are excited for next week’s finale which will tie up 10 years worth of storylines.

One of the big cameos in last night’s episode came courtesy of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Last week, we reported that Rodgers would be in the episode and how fans were excited about his role in the episode. Unfortunately, many fans missed Rodgers and weren’t able to point him out, even though he was definitely in the episode. 

Twitter user Lily Zhao posted a video of Rodgers explaining his role where he said: “I was helping a woman, who was injured… then the hell with her I’m getting out of there.” Essentially, if you plan on rewatching the episode, you’ll know exactly where to look. 

Meanwhile, you can catch the final episode of the series next Sunday which will surely be a memorable television spectacle.