7 Times Beyonce Was a Pro During Concert Mishaps

7 Times Beyonce Was a Pro During Concert Mishaps


Beyoncé is human too. Well, kind of. Even when she falls, is trapped onstage, or gets caught in equipment, the queen of the BeyHive always manages to recover with grace. If anything, the mishaps have only cemented her ongoing legacy as a performer and icon.

Here are seven times Beyoncé has handled concert mishaps like a true pro.

2018 Stage Malfunction in Poland

As the credits rolled behind her and JAY-Z during the On The Run II tour, their elevated stage refused to go down. Luckily, some quick crew members rushed a ladder to the stage and helped the duo out. Before descending the ladder, Bey couldn't resist dancing on the stage in the sky, causing fans to erupt one last time.

Sneeze at CitiField

Beyoncé brought a whole new meaning to the “Partition” line “I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker” during her Formation tour. Right before breaking into song, Bey sneezed and set off 40,000 “bless yous” all at once and igniting the Internet. What for anybody else would be a gross, snotty mess was elegant and meme-worthy for Bey.

Fixing the Fan at Coachella

If you’ve ever witnessed Bey live, you know the importance of her hair perfectly blowing the wind. During her legendary 2018 Coachella show, one of the stage fans wasn’t working correctly, so she took it upon herself to fix it. What most audience members wouldn’t have noticed, Beyoncé jumped right on, showcasing her attention to detail and perfectionism. The inconvenience didn't stop her from shooting an annoyed glance to her crew on the sides, though.

Getting Her Hair Caught in a Fan in Montreal

In perhaps the most painful incident on this list, Bey got her hair caught in a fan during a Montreal show and still managed to hit all her vocal runs. Security worked to pull her out of the fan while she continued belting out the chorus to “Halo.” The pain was evident in her face; nevertheless, the show went on.

Solange Pickup Fail at Beychella

It started as a wholesome moment then it got scary and then it got even more wholesome. At Coachella in 2018, Solange made an appearance. Beyoncé, in what would have been a cute big-sister moment, tried to pick Solange up — which sent both of them falling down. After a quick laugh, the sisters were back at it, hardly missing a step in the process. It must run in the family.

Pulled Into the Crowd by a Fan

No one would have blamed Beyoncé for stepping offstage for a few moments after being pulled into the crowd by a shirtless man in 2013. However, after security wrestled the man off her, Beyoncé hopped right back into step and didn’t miss a single note. After finishing the song, Bey walked over to the fan, shook his hand and told everyone that he just got a little too excited. Always a Queen.

Sliding Down The Stairs

During a show in Lisbon in 2017, Beyoncé got caught on her own trench coat and tumbled down 12 stairs. It looked painful, but no surprise, she popped right up and went even harder than before.