50 Cent Vs Wendy Williams: A Brief History Of Bullies Duking It Out

50 Cent Vs Wendy Williams: A Brief History Of Bullies Duking It Out


Let the file present, Wendy Williams is to battle and drama, what foreign money management is to the China’s Minister Finance. You cannot have one with out the opposite. But on a relative foundation, the query stays: why do 50 Cent and Wendy Williams ramp issues up after they enter a dogfight?

The reply to that query may be so simple as a tussle over titles. In the social media age, public figures fall into a number of classes. When these figurative relapse or converge, the people in play revert to their primeval instincts. That’s precisely what happens when 50 Cent and Wendy Williams discover themselves at odds, with their retractable claws on full-display. When Fiddy meets Wendy, the entire bully-victim will get thrown to the bottom. Without a magnetic area to maintain folks and issues place, the dogfight turns into significantly nasty. For the sake gamesmanship, nothing else, why not hint this blood feud again to its place origin, beginning with Wendy’s assumption that 50 Cent is actually, a closeted rapper working beneath a hetero masks.

Wendy Williams questions 50 Cent’s sexual identification.

In September, Young Buck was accused sexual dalliances with a transgender lady, and to nobody’s shock, 50 Cent determined to make gentle the scenario on the cut up expense his longtime friendship with the G-Unit member. While that accusation might not have amounted to something, 50 Cent confirmed himself to be responsible bending the double customary at his personal comfort. With his sexuality up for debate on Wendy Williams’ nationwide broadcast, 50 Cent was in a much less playful temper.

Of course, Wendy Williams’ concept was truly a cautious ruse put in place to defend the marital union Papoose and Remy Ma, who funnily sufficient, seems to be the uncommon movie star with Wendy-immunity. 50 Cent took the struggle to social media, the place he feels most at house – when he is not at odds with Internet moderators.

Wendy Williams offers Vivica A. Fox a platform to ramble on about 50 Cent. 

It stands to motive: 50 Cent did not stroll away from any scuttlebutt with Wendy Williams much less inclined to fireplace f a flirty overture his selecting. In the case a previous relationship floating again to the floor, 50 Cent is not essentially predisposed to a destructive response – however when Wendy Williams allowed Vivica A. Fox to open the floodgates, the G-Unit mogul was not in the least amused. But in reality, 50 Cent might have been at fault for this one, by decreasing his relationship with Vivica to a weeklong fling within the eyes the general public. The quip was ushered on “Get in My Car” on the peak his media stronghold. 50 Cent and Vivica have apparently made amends in gentle the latest outburst. I collect it is a lot simpler to scapegoat one other bully than to confess defeat.

50 Cent shines a lightweight on Wendy Williams’ slip-ups in 2017.

Much 2017’s humorous quips supposed for Wendy Williams have been propagated by 50 Cent. With Wendy Williams on the again heel for a lot 2017, 50 Cent was in a position to acquire a noticeable benefit over the course the 12 months. Most Williams’ mortifying moments in ’17 have been already stable gold earlier than 50 Cent acquired his spindly arms on ’em, some much less so than others. When Williams fainted on-air, solely a nudge was required 50 Cent to push the embarrassing/scary second into important mass.

Otherwise, 50 Cent spent most 2017 placating his personal physique points, by objectifying the bodily plight others, particularly that Wendy Williams. Much the residual Instagram proof has been eradicated, however Wendy’s trip posting lives on, too tempting for 50 Cent to say no the chance for hate speech, within the mildest method possible.

The farther you backtrack into archival territory, the more durable it turns into to hint any causal hyperlink that places 50 Cent and Wendy Williams at odds. Therein lies the reality, 50 Cent and Williams are each inanimately the identical. They each privately dwell on their goal realities like cosmeticians, solely to masks their insecurities within the public eye.

When they do collide, the implications are formed by nearly-identical astrological habits thoughts, as a result of neither 50 or Wendy is much less passive or entitled than the opposite. In actuality, 50 Cent has extra in widespread with Wendy Williams than he’d wish to admit: they each present little regret after they crush different different social media sorts, to the purpose the place I’ve begun to suppose otherwise on the facility extroversion, so assist us, God.