50 Cent Shares Why He Thinks Hip Hop Is Turning Into A Culture Of One-Hit Wonders

50 Cent Shares Why He Thinks Hip Hop Is Turning Into A Culture Of One-Hit Wonders


In his sit-down interview with The Hollywood Reporter50 Cent may have revealed that Eminem is working on an album, but he shared another interesting opinion about hip hop that got tongues wagging. The Power creator chatted with the publication about the final season of his hit show as well as to introduce the sequel, Power Book 2: Ghost, but he added a few remarks about the current state of hip hop and why we’ll be seeing more one-hit wonders than ever before.

“Hip hop is youth connected,” he said. “They have a low attention span. You’ll have to see way more artists come and have one hit and disappear now because of how we’re consuming music,” Fif continued before he spoke about how things have changed since he stepped onto the rap scene in the mid-1990s.

In a social media-driven culture, artists are able to connect with audiences more quickly and don’t rely on relationships with industry professionals in order to shape their careers or rise to fame. “They meet the audience before they meet the record companies and because they’re not getting bumped around as much as we was getting bumped around before you got your shot,” he said, “They’re going to take off and be on the road, running around, having the time of their life before their pre-conditioned to write music. And then when they come back and slow down, they’re not going to be able to write a hit record to save their life.”

When asked about the future of his music career now that he’s become a film and television mogul, Fifty replied, “I’m so conditioned to music, I’ve been writing music since [the ’90s],” he said. “I don’t really need to stop to do it. I can write on the plane. I can write wherever I’m going. That’s how I did my first three albums, ’cause I didn’t really stop touring. So, we did it moving.” Check out his interview below and let us know what you think about his comments on one-hit wonders.