50 Cent Fears Erykah Badu’s Booty, Labels Common "The Male Vivica Fox"

50 Cent Fears Erykah Badu’s Booty, Labels Common "The Male Vivica Fox"


In the wake of Common‘s public admittance of a difficult break-up with Erykah Badu a decade ago, 50 Cent found a neat little enclosure to enter the discussion uninvited. For the most part, Common’s confession provided him unending support on social media. 50 Cent, on the other hand, broached the subject on more general terms, by decrying Badu’s succubus appeal. Stop me if you’ve ever heard that one before…

This is the same 50 Cent who just a few weeks ago, lavished her persuasion by labeling her the “danger zone” or something close to it. “This must be the danger zone. Your shit so good n—-s don’t even know where the fuck they are after they fuck with you,” he lamented on Instagram, in a frantic exchange with Erykah and Jill Scott, the other so-called R&B voodooist he’s fought so hard to keep at arm’s length.

This time around, 50 Cent addressed the Badu’s typecasting by making an example out of Common’s personal experiences with the singer. “I be telling b*tches do not give me no Erykah Badu booty. just a little bit, don’t give me the whole thing.”

50 Cent, never one to operate with a straight face, issued an Instagram message riddled with expressive emojis and a nod to his own critical output, 2005’s “Just A Lil Bit.” He also labeled Common the “Male Vivica Fox” without incitement from the usually calm and collected Chicagoan.